Specialist safari

Our choice of Specialist Safaris accommodates for extra interests and hobbies.

Mount Kenya Climb

Savannah Jamboree Travel gives tailor-made treks for small private groups on Africa’s second largest mountain – Mount Kenya. We have flexible safaris, personalized itineraries that don’t have fixed departure dates that are accompanied by experienced tour guides. Climbing Mout Kenya is enjoyable and safe.

Escorted Birdwatching Safari

We offer private bird watching safaris for bird enthusiasts or researchers. Kenya has numerous bird species and our safari includes company by a bird expert to ensure a great excursion.

Balloon Safari

We offer memorable balloon safari in the Mara ideal for taking awesome photos and having a bird’s eye view of the game. This is followed by a champagne breakfast.

Masai Mara Photographic

Masai Mara offers a great safari excursion that will be ideal for photography. Masai Mara offers many wildlife that will enable you take different photos.

Walking Safaris

Walking safari is breathtaking. You’ll be accompanied by Masaai and Samburu warriors in the wild bushes of Africa.