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African landscape photographs

Enjoy amazing photographs of the Beautiful African landscape – these pictures are worth looking.

Wildlife and Travel Films

The wildlife film maker’s couple of Mick and Pat Jenner has specialized in filming wildlife and documenting travel films.

Birdlife Information

You’ll get valuable information on prolific birdlife in Kenya

Kenya Wildlife Service

You’ll get all the details regarding Kenya Wildlife Service.

Maps of African Safari Destinations

You’ll see African maps showing Game Reserves, National Parks, Private safari reserves as well as wildlife concession areas in East Africa and Southern Africa.

Map Games

Mapsofworld gives you a chance to play map games and get more details about the world. You can look for Online Africa map game, US map games, Europe map game plus puzzle games that help children know countries’ geographical locations and the world’s continents.

South Africa Accommodation

Explore SA. This highlights hotels in South Africa, extensive Travel Information site and accommodation.

World Travel

Gives reviews on different holiday destinations

Oman Holidays

Offers holiday tours in Oman