Masai Mara Kenya classic

kenia-masai-maraA tour is not complete without visiting the Masai Mara. Feted as among the 7 wonders of the world, Masai Mara gives you the safari magic that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. You’ll witness the migration of wildebeest from Tanzania crossing the Mara river that is inhibited by hungry crocodiles to Kenya for greener pastures.

Our perfect timing ensure that our tourists get a close glimpse of the animals, witness the famous migration and take photos and videos that will give them enough memories to cherish forever.

Savannah Jamboree Travel gives you the best safari holidays that include visiting wildlife conservancies and popular parks in Kenya.

You have a wide range of selections from our camps, luxury safaris that involve air transfers and affordable specialist safaris involving road transfers using our 4wd vehicles. We offer balloon safaris for a magnificent game view as well as game drives though the African bushes.

Highlights of attractions in Mara:

  • The big five (Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions, Buffalo and Leopards)
  • The cat family – Cheetah, Lion, Leopards
  • Other animals including; Hyenas, birds, ostrich, plus so much more
  • Hippo pools
  • Masai village for a cultural tour of the Masai people
  • Balloon safaris
  • Day and night game drive
  • The Great Migration
  • African Sunsets

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