Frequently asked questions

When does the great wildebeest migration occur?

The wildebeest migration starts in early July and ends in the second week of October.

What are the best parks to visit in Kenya?

Kenya parks are great but the best ones that will offer the best attractions are: Masai Mara National Park, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Parks, Lake Nakuru National park, Mount Kenya National Park and Samburu National Park.

What safari vehicle is used for the safari?

Tourists are ferried by 4×4 tour vans and Land cruisers with top up roofs. Every tourist is guaranteed a window seat for great view.

How safe is it while sleeping in tents in the African wilderness?

It’s very safe sleeping in tents since there are wardens who keep vigil

Will I be picked at the airport?

YES. We ensure that all our clients are picked at the airport as per their request.

How pure is the water?

Water being provided is very safe and purified for consumption. We recommend bottled water available from camps, lodges and hotels.

What types of foods are offered?

Food being offered in camps and lodges has met the international standards. You’ll get foods as per your request.

How do we enquire for the safari?

You just contact us on our page send an enquiry and our safari experts will give a feedback within 24 hours.

Will I get power to charge my, laptop and phone?

YES. Rooms in the parks have power. Note: The charger should be 220v if not you should carry a transformer.